Kicking Up Our Heels

Hurry! Tickets still available for Monday, March 5

CWD’s 16th Annual Kicking Up Our Heels

The Center for Women & Democracy celebrates International Women’s Day by heading to the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia where we toast the women of the Administration, on the Supreme Court and in the state Senate and House. We also honor and recognize women who are making great strides to advance other women in the state by giving them our Kicking Up Our Heels Award, to women who’ve stood up, spoken up, and stepped up to protect the rights of women.

What have we got to celebrate as far as women’s equality here in WA this past year?

  • Lots of new mayors
  • Lots of new legislators
  • The largest majority of Supreme Court women justices of any high court in the world
  • Lots of legislation proposed to help women
  • Three of the largest retail businesses have NEW parental leave — brought to you by two of the women who graduated from our own Center’s Leadership Institute
  • One of our favorite coffee companies has a new CEO — and African American woman
  • Another of our favorite airlines is in the top 1% of corporations with the most women on their corporate boards
  • An agency right here in our backyard just passed the most progressive policy in the country to triple the amount of contracts to women businesses

What’s missing?  You!

Join us on Monday, March 5th, when you will be in the company of these people, leaving here at 3 pm in three rock star buses headed to Olympia.

First we’ll have high tea at the Supreme court starting at 4:15 or so. Then we’ll head over the the Governor’s place for a delicious reception with wine and food prepared by the Mansion’s chef at 5:30 pm

You’ll meet our new women mayors, current and former governors, all our women legislators, supreme court justices, women corporate leaders and public agencies making our lives better.

Something new this year: Bring the young woman you would like to pass your torch to in the future. YOU will get to introduce her.

Select your ticket from the following levels, but hurry– this event always sells out quickly!

Be Our Friend $250

You Get: The luxury bus ride to and from Olympia with wine and snacks, high tea at the Supreme Court, and the wine & food reception at the Governor’s Mansion. What a fantastic opportunity to meet our state’s Supreme Court justices, and afterward THREE governors, our women legislators, and the amazing women we will be honoring.

Be Our Legislator/Elected Friend $150

You Get: Special recognition for legislators who have been producing much-needed and appreciated policies in so many areas this year, plus admittance to the Supreme Court high tea and the Governor’s Mansion reception and award ceremony (where you will be introduced).

Be Our “BFF Girlfriend” $500

You Get: The luxury bus ride to Olympia with wine and snacks with other VIP women, special recognition online and at the high tea with the Supreme Court justices, and at the Governor’s Mansion reception. Plus, you’ll get an invitation to our Seattle Opening Night reception for our award-winning 2018 Leadership Institute where you’ll meet the 30 young women who earned admittance into this year’s cohort.

Be Our “Best Friend”, “Great Friend”, or “Good Friend” Sponsor

You Get: Depending on what level of sponsorship you select ($5,000, $2,500, or $1,500), you will receive the luxury bus ride to Olympia with wine and snacks, event admittance, and introduction to our membership of high-powered women. PLUS, as our highly valued and appreciated sponsor you’ll receive recognition at the events on March 5th and on our website, and at the June 2018 Leadership Institute with options to recommend young women for nomination into the Leadership Institute.

Learn more about our signature event

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