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Global Delegation 2017: Israel and Palestine

We’ve got an incredible group of women who are currently part of the Center for Women & Democracy’s Global Networking Delegation to Israel and Palestine. The journey began in Tel Aviv on April 29 and will travel through two of the most fascinating, historical countries on earth. Thirty six women (and two men) are part of this delegation, which will meet women leaders from Israel and Palestine over a 10 day guided journey.

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In both countries we will meet:

  • The elected women leaders,
  • Visit their most sacred places, among these sacred places for three of the major religions in the world,
  • Enjoy their celebrated Hammams (Turkish Baths),
  • Taste their unique and flavorful cuisine, and shop in their local markets
  • Enjoy the most modern consumer haunts as well as the street vendors who sell wares just as their ancestors did 20 centuries ago.



Day OneThe East and the West Delegates gain their bearing with an exploration of the historical narrative of Jerusalem’s Old City. 

Day TwoThe Ravages of Conflict The group uncovers the complicated human rights situation of Israel and the Palestinian territories.   

Day Three: The Politics of the Border Local experts and elected officials educate delegates on the current political context of both sides of the border. 

Day Four: The Women of the Region The group meets with local woman leaders making an impact in their communities.

Day Five: Reflection, Relaxation and the Dead Sea Delegates travel to the Dead Sea for a float and mud bath in the healing waters at the lowest point on earth. 

Day Six: The Holy Antiquity of the Galilee Local experts provide an in depth narrative of significance of this beautiful, rugged place. 

Day Seven: Intercultural Networking and Storytelling  The delegates travel to Tel Aviv and engage with LGTBQ community leaders, women entrepreneurs, and representatives from the Arts community.  

Day Eight: The Wrap! Group members decide between attending a conflict negotiation and peacekeeping training or heading to south Israel to meet people from Seattle’s sister city, Beer Sheva.