Global Networking

The Center has planned a Global Networking trip every other year to interact with women leaders in business, civic life and politics in other countries.  In the past we have visited Israel, Chile, Cuba, Morocco, Vietnam, Rwanda, and Iceland.  Our focus is an exchange of ideas and conversation with peers about the challenges women face in their country.  Among the many benefits is that we make friends and create networks across the world, including right here at home.

The Center for Women & Democracy’s Global Delegations

The Center for Women & Democracy has taken international delegations around the world to learn about how women lead, learn and work toward equality.

  • Our first trip was to Cuba shortly after CWD was formed 15 years ago, led by Sen. Maria Cantwell. It resulted in opening up new trade agreements between Cuba and Washington State.
  • In South Africa two years later, a delegation of 34 women led by Dr. Helene Gayle, tracked the value of collaboration in tough human conflicts.
  • To the Balkans: Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia were our destinations focused on women in business as they meshed business and politics in ways very different than in the United States.
  • To Chile to learn about urbanization where you can drive your car only four days a week. We also walked amongst dirt poor villages ruled by drug lords who rule their turfs without interference.
  • Traveling to Vietnam, we felt the pinch of living in a Communist country where free speech, free movement and free choices are fleeting.
  • In Morocco, we met the first women of the Middle East to be elected to a Parliament where they focused on girls being able to go to school.
  • We met women who are leading the world in making strides to economic and social equality in Iceland, and we visited an active volcano where we replanted a forest.
  • Rwanda is the top country in the world for women’s empowerment: they have more than 60% women Parliamentarians, every budget must be reviewed for equal treatment by the woman’s budget office before it can be passed.
  • In Iceland, we learned about living in the best country in the world: equal men and women elected, running corporations, parental leave, equal pay, and there is even a woman in charge of the country’s church.

Our trip to Cuba

Our trip to Iceland

Our trip to The Baltics

Our trip to Morroco