At the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy, we meet with Mr. Naseef Mu’allem and a woman staffer who talk about their work promoting democracy in the West Bank and as a critical step in democracy promoting women’s participation. They work with youth to teach the reasons for and practice of democracy in a free state. For Naseef Mu’Allem this work is critical to giving a new direction for Palestinian youth and preventing a future intifada of the kind that rocked Israeli and Palestinian relations in the 1990s. And they raise awareness for women of women’s plight – in the Palestinian Territory where females make up 49% of the Palestine society, where 56% of females aged 15 and older are married and where 53% of Palestinian women have been exposed to domestic violence. Still roadside signs for municipal elections occurring in weeks, women candidates are on every slate.

For more information visit the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy’s website.