Mission & Values

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We recently updated the Center’s Mission Statement, and defined our Vision Statement and Values. If you’re unfamiliar with the Center, this is a great place to begin understanding what we’re all about!


We are a community of women leaders united to transform society by building and leveraging the power of women’s leadership locally and globally.

Our vision is a society where women from every walk of life transcend historic barriers and become leaders, using their gifts, accomplishments, and talents to create positive change in their communities and the world.


• We promote women leaders, and celebrate contributions of women from diverse communities, cultures, nationalities, and professions.

• We engage, share, learn and teach within our far-reaching network of women leaders in our communities and around the world.

• We provide a safe and supportive environment for women’s leadership development.

• We are engaged socially and politically, informing and strengthening women leaders to make a difference by working collaboratively with those who hold a range of views.