Mission & Values


We serve women in WA by building a supportive community of diverse leaders.

We advocate for women in democracies, promote global connectedness of women, provide opportunities for leadership development, and engage in coordinated efforts to address issues of common interest.

We are creating a more equitable world by amplifying women’s voices, and increasing the representation, visibility and impact of women in society.



At the Center for Women and Democracy, we value:

  • The importance of bringing women together in community.

We respect the inherent value of each person.  We seek to actively listen, celebrate and engage with kindness and purpose to provide meaningful interactions that connect people from all perspectives, cultures, beliefs, lived experiences and identities.

We provide a safe environment to explore differences in a manner consistent with these values. We acknowledge that myriad points of view exist and contribute to the rich diversity of life.


  • The principles of democracy.

We foster diversity, equity, and inclusiveness and we practice those values and behaviors ourselves.

We create better outcomes when multiple voices are involved.  We invite full participation in our decision-making processes.

We act with integrity and hold each other accountable to demonstrate these values.


  • The power of women in leadership.

We believe that strong, inclusive leadership can generate positive change in our communities.

We support advocacy for policies and practices that advance women everywhere.

We are committed to providing education that develops informed and skillful leaders who are dedicated to creating positive change.

We encourage continuous learning and growth.


  • The impact of thoughtful dialogue.

We create an environment that encourages difficult conversations that challenge the status quo.

We foster an understanding of our cultures and differences through respectful exchanges of ideas and information to develop deeper conversations and relationships.


  • The joy of authentic connection.

We come together to build community through meaningful and joyful connections.

We gather locally and globally to celebrate, support and enrich the lives of the women of Washington State and beyond.

We believe that, through the power of relationships, we amplify our voices and our impact.