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The Center for Women & Democracy, founded in 2000 by 20 noted women leaders from Seattle, is a 501c3 registered not-for-profit organization. Contributions to the Center are tax deductible.

The Center today is a unique women’s organization that combines women’s leadership with advancing women in the corporate, political and social sectors.

Supporters of the Center are interested in increasing the presence of women in corporate and political settings, as well in training and mentoring future women leaders.

Our primary activities, at their base, are:

  • International delegations of women who travel to countries around the world to meet other women leaders for informational exchanges;
  • Trainings for recent college graduates and mid-career women;
  • A speaker series that features notable women from across the spectrum of public life in Western Washington and in the U.S.;
  • Awards that recognize and honor women’s leadership, which are given at our two annual major fundraisers;
  • Networking opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds, from multiple generations and from varied professions.

Taken together these methods have helped members of the Center to advance to federal, state and local political leadership, to national and international foundation leadership, to become part of corporate and public efforts to advance women, to connect and foster friendships among diverse, multi-generational women leaders.  The Center, across its history, has advanced legislative and public policies that promote women’s equality and leadership.

The Center for Women & Democracy operates efficiently with a small paid staff. Its board takes an active role in giving to the organization as well as raising funds for its operations.

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For more information about the Center, please email [email protected], or call 206-307-9478.