Our Origins

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The Center’s history in a brief timeline

• January 2000: Launched by four co-founders—Cathy Allen, Laurie McDonald Jonsson, Christine Di Stefano, and Nancy Hartsock.

• June 2001: The Center held its first Leadership Institute, a 6-day residential program to cultivate young
women students’ leadership skills.

• 2005 and forward: The Center has continued its work as a successful non-profit, working with women of all ages to teach them and to empower them to “lead where they land”.

Founding Board Members

Diane Adachi
Cathy Allen
Bobbe Bridge
Christine DiStefano
Julie Dunnington
Jenny Durkan
Christine Gregoire
Nancy Hartsock
Sue Hennessy
Susan Jeffords
Tracy Johannsen
Kathy Kreiter
Rosanne Lapan
Bobbie Lindsay
Terry Macaluso
Darlene Madenwald
Laurie McDonald Jonnson
Linda Mitchell
Maggie Neilson
Connie Niva
Teresa Purcell
Jeri Rice
Laurie Slate
Lina Stahali
Meredith Tall
Margaret Towle
Betti Ann Yancey
Nancy Zylstra